Spain VS Greece

2021 03 12

In the previous European League games, the Spanish team has not been very consistent, their latest 6-0 home victory over Germany is really a morale shock, the last 10 games the team has won 5, 4 draws and 1 loss, the team's overall winning percentage is not very high. With Garcia and Martinez at the back, Rodriguez and Kirk in midfield, and Alvaro Morata and Luis Moreno in midfield, the new Spain side will still have the advantage, although the captain is likely to remain absent.

Road of Greece after the Greek mythology is in a downturn, Greece is still so recent, now their world ranking is tepid, the team also does not have emerged in recent years, very strong, so they can be mixed with European second or even third grade team, in the previous champions league game this season, Greece play is good, in 4 games to 2 wins and two draws the unbeaten record, but in the last 10 games team lost a game only Arsenal defender may, The five major league player's appearance on the line for the team may have certain help, at the same time, the team's striker exam makis Virginia in the eredivisie league this season has scored 24 goals, he will be the team on the offensive end of the very few choices, of course in front of the steel line can score in Spain, I'm afraid still need to rely on luck.

In previous meetings between the two teams, Spain had been very dominant, but they rarely had a big win, but this game gave them a strong concession, in the absence of a team with a chance to win.

Forecast reference: Shine draw reference: Spain -2