Israel VS Denmark

2021 04 11

Israel, currently ranked 87th in the world, is in the lower middle of the European division and is not very competitive. Israel won two, drew two and lost two in last year's Europa League, beating Slovakia and Scotland, but the team has struggled in the past 10 games, winning three, drawing four and beating only lowly Latvia in the past 10 games.

Denmark finished 12th in the world at present, in the team competition performance in the past, have very strong competitiveness, also 16 strong achievements in the last World Cup, in the last year have performed very well in the league and uefa cup fourth win in eight European championship qualifying draw four unbeaten record into the finals, and in the champions league match three wins and a draw two negative results in group 2, only during the defeat to Belgium, in the face of England also 1 win 1 draw unbeaten.

At present, there is a big gap between the two teams in ranking and strength. Besides, there is a big gap between the two teams in recent years. Israel has only won 3 times in the last 10 matches and its opponents are not strong enough, while Denmark has only lost to Belgium in the last 20 matches and can win against Switzerland and England.

In this game, Denmark gave a concession of -0.75, which supported Denmark a lot. In this match, Denmark won the game without any problems.